Missions Training

Apostolic College of Theology Intertnational

Apostolic College of Theology Intertnational

PMT Pre-Missions Training

If you’re going on a mission, your parents, your bishop, and everyone in your arena has already told you how wonderful that is and they are right! But they tend to neglect the reality of it difficulties. Missions are incredible, but having a realistic expectation of what you’re going to experience, along with proper training is a must.

Pre-Missions Training (PMT) courses are designed to help those who’re called to missions to develop their burdens and confirm their callings. A burden will lead you to leave all and go to a field of labor, but the confirmation of your calling that will make you stay when things get tough and the burden seems past.

These courses are designed to help equip and train pre-missionaries to be effective in their field of labor.

A 2 Week Field Mission Training Program in Europe or in the Middle East is also available for all pre-missionaries and helpers before leaving to the mission field.

Being properly equip will make our missionaries fruitful and effective!

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