1. ACOT-LogoApostolic College of Theology (ACOT) offers an online, in depth teaching and training in Bible Theology, Apostolic Doctrine, Ministerial and Pre-Missions Courses.
  2. ACOT has a unique place among the institutions of higher learning in the Oneness Pentecostal denomination.
  3. ACOT provides courses and classes designed to equip each student with fundamental teachings in the Apostolic doctrine and training for future ministries.
  4. ACOT works all around the world with churches and missionaries in the comfort of their place and provide them with easy access for online materials, courses and live webinars
  5. ACOT provides students secure user access to the College’s library
  6. ACOT provides live and virtual interactions between teachers and students from all around the world as if they’re in a local class setting
  7. ACOT provides Bachelor and Master degrees in Bible Theology and certificates in Ministerial/Pre-Missions Training
  8. ACOT offers Multilingual online courses and Webinar


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