Ministerial Studies



         Apostolic Ministerial Studies – Level I

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Apostolic College of Theology International

Apostolic College of Theology International

  • Course 1:   The Word Handlers I
  • Course 2:   Conquering The Enemies Of The Ministry
  • Course 3:   From Moses To King James
  • Course 4:   Managing Ministerial Finances
  • Course 5:   Taking The Pressure Off Of Your Marriage
  • Course 6:   Life In The Fishbowl
  • Course 7:   Leadership In The Local Church I
  • Course 8:   God’s Ministry Gifts
  • Course 9:   Making Full Proof Of Your Ministry
  • Course 10: Standards Of Ministerial Conduct
  • Course 11: The Minister & Morality
  • Course 12: Social Ethics
         Apostolic Ministerial Studies – Level II
  • Course 1:   The Word Handlers II
  • Course 2:   Shutting The Back Door Of The Church
  • Course 3:   Ministerial Ethics
  • Course 4:   The Christian Counselor
  • Course 5:   A Page From Paul’s Ministerial Manual
  • Course 6:   Requirements For The Priesthood
  • Course 7:   Maturing In The Ministry
  • Course 8:   Feeding The Flock
  • Course 9:   Leadership In The Local Church II
  • Course 10: Pursuing The Will Of God
  • Course 11: Shoulder’s For A Prophet’s Mantle
  • Course 12: The Gifts Of The Spirit

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